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A momentary resumption of service

So, could you tell I got a new job? No really?

In Mr New Job, I now spend my day in front of a 'puter, doing many and varied things. I'm afraid the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is sitting in front of another one. I also now spend between 2.5 and 3 hrs a day commuting. On the up side, I have read many of the books on the pile, and I am currently making my way through my National Geographic collection.

So, I'm not deceased, only occasionally dead tired. Mr B and I are also house hunting at the moment, so you will hear if we finally find something to purchase. Looking in the Croydon/Ashfield/Inner Westish area, in order to be closer to my work (Camperdown) and somewhat closer to Mr B's work (St Leonards).

My lovely sister and her 1st daughter were here to visit before christmas, althogh, sadly, my b-i-l could not come too. We held a party for my Dad's 70th birthday and our parents 45th wedding anniversary, and much fun was had. Here is a shot of 3 generations of the family at the Zoo before Christmas. And yes, that is daughter number two in my sister's belly!

Love to all


I loved living in Croydon. Good luck with the house hunting!