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There is a house!

We is happier than pigs in mud, doncha know (bonus points for anyone who can tell me from which book I pinched that approximate phrase).

We came, we saw, we bought the house! After what seems like forever but is 3 months or so of really manic looking-at-every-house-in-the-inner west, we found a house we wanted. Great potential to actually do stuff, enough room for all our books, off-street parking for MrB's motobike, a spare room for the visitors, close to PT and, as a bonus, not in Carlton/Allawah, which is where we were beginning to think we had to look. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with those suburbs, just that we were hoping we would not have to compromise on location versus affordability. We bought at auction, which meant for a very fraught round of bidding before we were successful. My nerves are intact, not so sure about Mr B...

The new place is in Stanmore. Three bedrooms, 1 bath, with rear lane access.There will be several Housewarmings and times for sticky-beaking, as we will finalise everything in June and have possession, but we will not move in for approximately 2 months while we do renovations and painting etc. Strangely, I'm all for making it so I do not have to venture onto the back verandah to get to the only toilet! Fussy and spoilt, that is me. Also have some horrendous carpet to be removed, floors to polish and/or replace. After the carpet is stripped back, we will know how much of what is involved. For those who need the stress relief, there may be a bring-your-own-hammer party.

I will post some photos as they come to hand.

I have to go work now to make the money for the bank. As a friend said, 'Congratulations, Welcome to home-owner poverty'.


Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
Congrats! And yes welcome to home owner poverty... but you do at least have something to show for it :)
Congratulations! Looking forward to photos.