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the turtl cheer

Cunning Plan

We has one. This weekend will see a frenzy of packing, sorting, tidying and dismantling of a bed and moving it to OUR HOUSE!

Potted historical bunk, aka, what has been happening. The (3 or was it 4) months leading up to and over Christmas were chaos, trying to 'Get Everything Done'. Fail. Cue the visiting cousin with wife and child, plus my aunt and uncle. All arrived on Christmas or Boxing day and we were all in the same house. Dad, Mr B and I continued working away and floors went into Stanmore. More sanding, filling, sanding & painting. Rinse and repeat. Flat Packed Kitchen delivered, only to discover that some cabinets were not finished correctly and doors not drilled etc.... you get the idea. Kitchen not going to be installed prior to Dad's knock-off day (19 Jan).

January & February: Dad and Mum on well deserved holiday to USA for skiing and Grand Canyon viewing. Back here, once we could not get in by October make that Christmas Mid January, the urgency went out of our time lines and we concentrated more on keeping sane hours than setting ridiculous deadlines. The remaining tasks proceeded slowly. Furniture and boxes etc, delivered from storage and placed haphazardly in house. Ensuite has shower screen and Functional Shower = tick. All edging done in bedrooms. Some doors hung, Kitchen completed to point or getting bench top. Other tasks I cannot enumerate or bring myself to recall. Skirting, Kick boards, Architrave.

February 23rd: Have been living with my parents for 1 year. Now realise why sanity has run screaming from the room. grab it and wrestle it into submission. The End is in sight (one way or the other)

The current state of affairs: Kitchen Bench will be installed tomorrow (Saturday) (cue crossed fingers). I will stay out of the way and pack up as much as I can from Christmas Island (where the refugees live, at my parents. Thanks Dad). Rest of kitchen scheduled to (magically) be bolted into position. Commence operation dismantle bed (with the allen key that hides when required) and shove everything into the 3 family cars. Bribe my mother into driving one car by promising some form of food or housework-related gift/bonus/servitude. I know, tell her that if she helps us move, we will be out of her house! This seems to do the trick.

So there you have it. I will try to post again after Monday, with a link to more photos. The before and after series promises to be a treat.
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How did the weekend go? Where are the photos?