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Jan. 10th, 2013

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Oh dear, is that the time?

Hmm, almost 2 years since last post. Where did the time go....

We ate'nt ded. We lives. We has a lovely house. Might I say, very well insulated, as demonstrated in the recent headwave of 2013 (it lasted a whole day but that was 43 degrees, so that was hell while it lasted). We'll see how it goes over the weekend.

I'll try to get some updates on life out, and I'd better start that list of books to read again. Recommendations welcome.
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Mar. 11th, 2011

the turtl cheer

Cunning Plan

We has one. This weekend will see a frenzy of packing, sorting, tidying and dismantling of a bed and moving it to OUR HOUSE!

Potted historical bunk, aka, what has been happening. The (3 or was it 4) months leading up to and over Christmas were chaos, trying to 'Get Everything Done'. Fail. Cue the visiting cousin with wife and child, plus my aunt and uncle. All arrived on Christmas or Boxing day and we were all in the same house. Dad, Mr B and I continued working away and floors went into Stanmore. More sanding, filling, sanding & painting. Rinse and repeat. Flat Packed Kitchen delivered, only to discover that some cabinets were not finished correctly and doors not drilled etc.... you get the idea. Kitchen not going to be installed prior to Dad's knock-off day (19 Jan).

January & February: Dad and Mum on well deserved holiday to USA for skiing and Grand Canyon viewing. Back here, once we could not get in by October make that Christmas Mid January, the urgency went out of our time lines and we concentrated more on keeping sane hours than setting ridiculous deadlines. The remaining tasks proceeded slowly. Furniture and boxes etc, delivered from storage and placed haphazardly in house. Ensuite has shower screen and Functional Shower = tick. All edging done in bedrooms. Some doors hung, Kitchen completed to point or getting bench top. Other tasks I cannot enumerate or bring myself to recall. Skirting, Kick boards, Architrave.

February 23rd: Have been living with my parents for 1 year. Now realise why sanity has run screaming from the room. grab it and wrestle it into submission. The End is in sight (one way or the other)

The current state of affairs: Kitchen Bench will be installed tomorrow (Saturday) (cue crossed fingers). I will stay out of the way and pack up as much as I can from Christmas Island (where the refugees live, at my parents. Thanks Dad). Rest of kitchen scheduled to (magically) be bolted into position. Commence operation dismantle bed (with the allen key that hides when required) and shove everything into the 3 family cars. Bribe my mother into driving one car by promising some form of food or housework-related gift/bonus/servitude. I know, tell her that if she helps us move, we will be out of her house! This seems to do the trick.

So there you have it. I will try to post again after Monday, with a link to more photos. The before and after series promises to be a treat.
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Feb. 3rd, 2011

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Books to read

A list to keep track of what is on the pile for me this year. Feel free to click through and make suggestions, otherwise,
<waves hand> These are not the droids you are looking for; Move along.

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Aug. 17th, 2010

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For Miz Tatianitska

This is for tatianitska . Gloria Jeans are heading for insolvency! Yay.


Jun. 11th, 2010

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Home owners part 3

Thank you to everyone who has dropped either of us line about the house. We are now in possession of keys and will immediately start the process of clearing out the crappy carpet and assorted odd wall paneling.

If anyone wants to come see it in the "before" state, come on over. If you need the address, drop me a line or give me a call.

May. 31st, 2010

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new house pics

So, I promised some more details of the house. We are busy finalising all of the financials and conveyancing, and will be with keys mid June.

Then follows some renovations (you will see why from some of the photos). High on the reno list is a toilet that does not require me to don slippers and an overcoat!

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If you want more details, drop me a line.

May. 7th, 2010


There is a house!

We is happier than pigs in mud, doncha know (bonus points for anyone who can tell me from which book I pinched that approximate phrase).

We came, we saw, we bought the house! After what seems like forever but is 3 months or so of really manic looking-at-every-house-in-the-inner west, we found a house we wanted. Great potential to actually do stuff, enough room for all our books, off-street parking for MrB's motobike, a spare room for the visitors, close to PT and, as a bonus, not in Carlton/Allawah, which is where we were beginning to think we had to look. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with those suburbs, just that we were hoping we would not have to compromise on location versus affordability. We bought at auction, which meant for a very fraught round of bidding before we were successful. My nerves are intact, not so sure about Mr B...

The new place is in Stanmore. Three bedrooms, 1 bath, with rear lane access.There will be several Housewarmings and times for sticky-beaking, as we will finalise everything in June and have possession, but we will not move in for approximately 2 months while we do renovations and painting etc. Strangely, I'm all for making it so I do not have to venture onto the back verandah to get to the only toilet! Fussy and spoilt, that is me. Also have some horrendous carpet to be removed, floors to polish and/or replace. After the carpet is stripped back, we will know how much of what is involved. For those who need the stress relief, there may be a bring-your-own-hammer party.

I will post some photos as they come to hand.

I have to go work now to make the money for the bank. As a friend said, 'Congratulations, Welcome to home-owner poverty'.

Jan. 29th, 2010

Mr Men


We found out last Friday that we have to vacate our flat as the owner wants to move back in. Annoying as we are househunting at present and were hoping not to have to sign another lease. But, we assumed, we had 60 days to find a new place or buy and we might have to crash somewhere for a week or so to cover settlement.

But no. We found out yesterday morning when we got the letter that we have 30 days! So, all gifts or lends of moving boxes and advice gratefully received. There will be a mass sell-off of stuff including some fabric - stay tuned for details.

Either way - buy or rent - we will soon be living in the inner west so look out for us around Newtown a lot more!

Jan. 30th, 2009

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A momentary resumption of service

So, could you tell I got a new job? No really?

In Mr New Job, I now spend my day in front of a 'puter, doing many and varied things. I'm afraid the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is sitting in front of another one. I also now spend between 2.5 and 3 hrs a day commuting. On the up side, I have read many of the books on the pile, and I am currently making my way through my National Geographic collection.

So, I'm not deceased, only occasionally dead tired. Mr B and I are also house hunting at the moment, so you will hear if we finally find something to purchase. Looking in the Croydon/Ashfield/Inner Westish area, in order to be closer to my work (Camperdown) and somewhat closer to Mr B's work (St Leonards).

My lovely sister and her 1st daughter were here to visit before christmas, althogh, sadly, my b-i-l could not come too. We held a party for my Dad's 70th birthday and our parents 45th wedding anniversary, and much fun was had. Here is a shot of 3 generations of the family at the Zoo before Christmas. And yes, that is daughter number two in my sister's belly!

Love to all

Nov. 24th, 2007

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Whales, Whaling and a petition.

I've been a pretty big campaigner on anti-whaling for a long time now. Saw this and thought some of you might like to sign it too.

Not so keen on the game (since you have injured whales too), but I am well aware I'm a complete sook.

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